2016-01-19_0001Welcome to my Website and thank you for taking the time to look through my work.  Little bit about me!!!! I’m originally From Madden in Co Armagh where I spent my childhood and teenage life loving Sport and Art. Thats about it LOL I wasn’t very academic. Well that’s what I thought!!!!!!! I was a total Outdoors girl… In the early 90’s I followed one of my best buddies out to the BIG APPLE New York for the summer.  Well it lasted a lot longer than the summer, I lived there for 12 years. Loved every minute, met amazing friends for life and this is where my journey into Photography began.


My employer had a Pro camera at the time and would ask me every week to take photos of the children and our everyday events, he then talked me into going to College and learning more in the Photography field.   After time on the weekends I worked for a Wedding Photography Company as a Photographers Assistant, and I do mean assistant..I carried their bags, lights, lens etc..there was no chance of shooting back then compared to now…But there’s nothing like starting at the bottom of the ladder LOL,  back then believe me!! Not in my wildness dreams did I think I would be where I am today… It was a dream thinking someday I can do this, but its amazing about you can do when you put your mind to it and a bit of determination.   I still have a way to go, but every year I set myself targets and I do be very determine to reach them…Positivity is a key factor no matter what you do in life.


In 2003 I married my hubby Charlie who is originally from Trillick Co Tyrone, so a short time later we decided it was time to move back home.. Im now living in Trillick just over 10 years, we have been blessed with 3 children, Charlie Jr, Orlagh and Shea.   So I’m a busy mum, as well as a photographer, my other passion life Sport I now enjoy immensely through my children…If you don’t see me at a Wedding photography you will see me running about the sideline of a pitch somewhere… (camera on tow sometimes too, plus bibs, water bottles,first aid etc lol)



I really don’t like talking about myself! Not my style at all LOL! All I do know is that when I’m working I love to laugh, joke and have fun, anything to get you relaxed and happy in front of the camera and enjoying your day as much as possible. If I can capture those natural smiles and laughter and your personality then I know I’m doing my job! While a lot of my work is informal I will also cover formal groups quickly and swiftly at various stages during the day.



Ps: I would like to thank the North-West News Group Team for designing my Website & Fellow Photography colleague Sharon Kee for my new Profile photos…



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